The TV Series

In both a stunningly filmed adventure on motorcycles through the Himalayas and a deep look at our personal search for freedom, we follow a group of real people facing their fears when dropped into Himalayan cliff roads, monsoon rains, and Indian road-killer traffic. Led by a fearless and charismatically radical Indian guide, each rider must confront their physical fear, their self-limiting ideas and personal relationships that enslave them. Season one takes us to Four Sacred Peaks in India, pushing their every capacity to, "Either be free now or die trying to be safe!"   10 Episodes - Season One

Inspiring Meditation

Catipulting from the upsurge of yoga and meditation, we will break through the stereotypes of meditation and inspire a generation. The Beatles opened some doors to meditation in the 60's, now we can go further through an entertaining and engaging adventure that shows the tool of meditation is useful for all, in daily life, and in the most difficult of circumstance. Meditation is not just silence, but is an exploration, and active way for the most adventurous and modern soul.